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MUSCLE (mŭsʹəl)– We don’t play by the rules. It goes beyond the physical appearance, and is more about how you feel. We want you to feel strength, power and motiviation everytime you wear a piece of the garage.



MOTO (ˈmōt(ˌ)ō) – Is our interpretation of an outlet. Something that makes you move. A space in which  inspires you to do what you love. You don’t have to love what we love, but as long as it inspires you. Find your Moto.

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SOCIALˈ(sō-shəl) – It’s all about having fun. No matter where you, or who you are the power of being with people and sharing experiences is a huge aspects of our lives. We wanted to create a conduit to bring all worlds together no matter what you’re into it. But don’t take our word for it, we just work out, drive fast, and drink beer.


Who Are we? 

Birdman Garage is an Apparel Brand molded around Speed and Strength. The one Brand that Incorporates Multiple Interests into one piece of apparel. Wear it to the gym, a Car show, or just be hip and trendy at your next social gathering and stand out by wearing something independent. Be different, make that change, and give us a try!

Our Materials have been chosen after a vast search researching materials from around the world, we are not just printed on Gildan. Our prices may be a little higher, but you are getting a quality product and in most cases assembled right here in Vancouver BC! So what are you waiting for!?

Want to know more? Check us out on Instagram for fresh content, or visit our FAQ section. Still cant find what you need, check out our Facebook page at Birdmangarage, just send us an email, or DM!

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