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Located in Vancouver BC , the Birdman Garage is passionate about turning trash in to gold.  For the past 20 years I've been working on everything from cars, to boats to airplanes! Only recently I decided to take it to the next level, and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from everyday people  like you!  Thank you for your continued support and check back often as theres always something new going on. Follow us on Instagram 



What is Birdman Garage?


It's a Brand that incorporates a lifestyle involving Protein and Gasoline! whether you are a speed demon, like to workout, or just a person who likes cool things, we represent it.  

Are you an Automotive Garage?


We are not your typical Ma and Pa Oil change and brakes. Although our IG features a lot of speed and strength based content, these creations are our outlet. A space where we can get creative, and help inspire others on their projects what ever they may be. We showcase our award winning custom built cars, motorcycles and bikes, and have brought the same quality and inspiration into our apparel line.  


How Can I buy a product at a store in person?

BMG available online through our online store 24/7, and Mobile on the streets of Vancouver. We attend many public events, and are also available through our new Mobile display and delivery van! Make sure you subscribe and follow us on IG and FB to see where we'll be next! Selections between the mobile store and online may vary, so make sure you check out both! 

I read that you donate to a Charity how does that work?

We are affiliated with the Parkinson's Society of BC. 10% of all Proceeds are donated to the society from all sales at the end of every month. 


How do I return something?

What? Why? Lol. If for any reason you’re not satisfied we offer a 14 day return policy, or 30 day exchange policy. Just send us an email, and we’ll send you an RMA number that must be written on the return package and just ship it back. Item must be returned in original condition with tags attached. Try not to workout in it and return it, that’s just gross.  Return shipping costs are not included.

Are any of the Cool Cars or Bikes available for purchase?

Yes! we are constantly building, and running out of space! Please contact us if anything you see may interest you. Send us an email, or slide into our DM's. 

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